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About us

GmtBroker is a website which is property of DRBM S.A., specialized in Information Technology providing techno-banking advice, B2C and B2B after having affirmed itself in the Social Dating field. It is a Swiss controlled company that has created a platform for advertisers in the high-level watchmaking field. The technical and software development aspects are carried out by an International Team with a broad experience in web communication and data security.

GmtBroker is an ambitious project that aims to become Leader in the Communication of products for the watchmaking field,a market which is today represented by millions of enthusiasts, collectionists and production houses that have marked the history of wrist watches. Our competency and the services we can provide are the best ally for those that from a hobby have created a business. Our advertisers will feel protected, cuddled and incentivated to do their job as best, offering a Worldwide public to sell and buy objects from all over the world.