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Buy your watch with a Gmtbroker guarantee

Do you need any help with your trading? GmtBroker offers The maximum Guarantee service. One of our experts will check for you the item that you want to buy and we will be your guarantors during  the entire process of buying and selling, following the shipment via insured courier. In  case of geographical proximity you can also use the pick up service at one of our certified dealers.


GmtBroker carries out meticulous verification of its dealer and professional advertisers. For all that regards adverts of private individuals we ask that you verify the authentic nature of the person you are dealing with. It is not our legal responsibility verify the identity and intentions of sellers, in particular those of private individual sellers. In case of scam attempts or fraud we ask that you please inform us as soon as possible.


If the seller or buyer suggest that you complete the operation through a trustee ask the verification of the identity of the person with which you will have relations to complete the sale or purchase in due time. Be aware of fake internet websites and trustee contracts. Do not buy any watches through mediators who declare themselves GmtBroker agents since, at the moment, we do not offer this type of service. Do not ever send money to unknown sellers through a money transfer service. Do not ever pay a watch through Western Union or Postepay. Always verify the telephone number that the seller has given, the telephone must function, the person must answer and prove reliability. The international prefix must coincide with the country of the person with whom you are making the transaction. Is the seller available in giving you further information, photos or documents regarding the watch? Does an internet research produce negative results or forum messages related to the seller? Pay attention to sellers with free email addresses and with pseudonyms that are not in line with the name of the seller. When an offer is too good to be true, often it is a scam.

For Sellers

In the case of sales through Paypal verify that the payment has been credited in a definite manner on the bank account indicated before sending or supplying the watch. Verify that the bank trasfer is present on your online bank statement and not that you have received presumed Paypal emails. In case of advanced/bank transfer payments verify that the payment is credited in a definite manner on your bank account before sending or supplying the items. Trust only statements that come from you bank.

  • Attention to buyers who are interested in your offer and who propose a cash delivery. These operations are foreseen only in certain countries, in any case it would be preferable to conclude sales only within a Bank.
  • Attention to buyers who offer more than the purchase price requested.
  • Attention to cheques that come from overseas, cheques from different countries than yours are not always accepted by you Bank and even in case of acceptance the crediting time of currency can be over 30 working days.
  • Attention to buyers who come from Nigeria, mobs specialized in online scams (and not only) exist. These people often ask you to conclude transaction in cash (counterfeit money) or by bank transfers that have scaming procedures, one of the most used systems of these organizations is the use of a letter from the bank in which it is asked that you proceed in sending the items so as to then send a bank transfer in your favor.