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User contract for dealers and private individual sellers is property of the DRBM S.A. company. The management of the Financial of the E.commerce structure and Customer Assistance is entrusted to the DRBM S.A. via S.Balestra 33 Lugano

Terms of Use

1 Purpose: GMTBROKER.COM is a service offered on a Worldwide level with a platform for the sale and search of wrist watches, pocket watches and accessories for watches. The website is translated into the main international languages.

2 Description of services: GMTBROKER.COM GmtBroker. Com gives dealers and independents the possibility to advertise through a dedicated customized showcase and an Administration panel for their objects so as to reach the biggest audience possible.

2.1 Prices: The Price List can be seen by clicking on the Price link. Prices and available packages of the adverts are divided into two business categories: one for dealers and one for amateur private individuals (no professional). Each offer that is purchased will automatically get a visibility plan as well as the number of adverts which can be published at the same time.

2.2 Withdrawal right from Business service: The dealer or Business advertiser that has purchased a visibility package of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months can withdraw or cancel him/herself at any moment during service. The amount paid by the advertiser will not be reimbursed by GMTBROKER for the period not used as payments are advanced and correspond to the visibility period chosen.

2.3 Withdrawal right for Independents: The independent advertiser can cancel his/her advertisement in any moment and no other amount will be due to the GMTBROKER service.

2.4 Expiration of advertising packages: All the advertisements of Business and Independent customers will have a natural expiry date according to the visibility period chosen, possible extension of one or more advertisements is faculty of the advertiser, the website GMTBROKER will not automatically extend any advertisement.

3 Registration: Registration is free of charge and is allowed only to those who have full legal capacity. Minors without explicit consent of one of their parents cannot register. Registration is done by filling out the mandatory fields to include email, password and personal data of the user. All of this data will be stored in a safe manner and in accordance to the previsions of the current laws regarding privacy. Data supplied by the user that disables or cancels his/her Account will be stored by GMTBROKER.COM for twelve (12) months following the cancellation of the service.

4 Use: The user must follow the rules of the GMTBROKER.COM website and for no reason shall he/she carry out illicit activities or activities aiming to interrupt even temporarily the service provided.

5 Limitation of Service: GMTBROKER.COM may never be considered responsible and no compensation may be requested for the interruption of the service provided. This is to inlcude (and not limited to): force majeure, computer hacking on behalf of hackers, interruption of connection supply on behalf of the company partner, electrical supply interruption, natural disaster, floods, earthquakes. In the case of any such occurences, it will be the responsibility of to reactivate all services offered as soon as possible.

6 User identity: GmtBroker cannot have knowledge of the true identity of the website users, but can offer support for any controversy or give information to competent authorities regarding stored data, such as registration IP, connection IP, and any other information given by users upon registration.

7 Dealer identity : It will be the responsibility of GmtBroker to verify the accuracy of the data supplied by dealers. In particular, legal documents might be required to be presented that will confirm the authenticity and nature of the registered business. GmtBroker cannot be held responsible for transactions and conclusions of sales between corporate bodies and private individuals.

8 Private individual advertiser identity: Before making one or more objects of an private individual visible, GmtBroker will ask for information that confirms the authenticity and legal property of the object which is for sale. The private individual advertiser will have to supply broad guarantee and cooperation so that his/her personal ID can be verified as well as proof of the true property of the object proposed. If the information supplied is not sufficient, GmtBroker reserves the right to remove the visibility of the advertisement from its website.

9 Limitation of Responsibility: GmtBroker may never be considered responsible for the sales or purchase activities of the items offered on its website. The service offered by GmtBroker is Exclusively Limited to the purpose of making the objects offered advertisable and visible. Any other activity is transferred upon the independent and corporate bodies who are fully responsible of all of their actions.

10 Intellectual property: The brands (including the domain, the logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained are intellectual property of GmtBroker and its partners and may not be copied, used or represented without the explicit authorization of GmtBroker and its partners. Transgressors will be prosecuted according to law.

11 Jurisdiction : The present agreement is hereby undersigned by the two parties, both aware of the obbligations taken and accept all the articles that are part of this agreement that either through ticking via web or undersigning, are obliged to follow. Any controversy that may arise in relation to the present agreement and the rules of the general conditions that may be connected to it in any way, will be given at first to a Mediator whom will be Corporate Lawyer (expert in business law), within the Jurisdiction of the Court of Lugano (CH), whom will be the only able body to act towards claims presented by both parties.

12 Modifications to the present contract: Modifications to GmtBroker or of Conditions of Use GMTbroker reserves the right to modify the present Contract Conditions and the general guidelines at any time. The Registered person or the advertiser will be informed of these modifications as soon as these are published on the GmtBroker website. The modifications will have effect within a month after the publication on the website.